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Kampina heath 

Let the varied landscape of this Brabant nature reserve surprise you. Enjoy the view across the many lakes and spend the late summer wandering through fields of purple heather. Stroll along meandering streams and roam through colourful grasslands. 

From deer to kingfisher 

The rich flora and fauna make this, without doubt, one of the most valuable heath lands in the country. The many plants and animals you'll see here are all thanks to the diversity of the landscape. In the Kampina, you can come face-to-face with a magnificent deer, and a kingfisher could flit by right before your eyes. 

What is there to see in the Kampina, between Boxtel and Oisterwijk? 

  • Gorgeous heather fields and blueberry bushes that attract plenty of animals; 

  • The spoonbill and egret are becoming regular visitors to the many lakes; 

  • Sundew, lavender heather, and cranberry; 

  • Icelandic horses and cattle spend the whole year grazing here; 

  • Now and then, a flock of sheep will make their way to the Banisveld; 

  • And you can see plenty of other birds and animals from the overlooks along the hiking and cycling trails. 

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