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80 lakes 

In the Oisterwijk Forests, you can enjoy cycling and hiking through the woods and along numerous small lakes that are different every season! Explore the many paths and keep your eyes peeled for woodpeckers and deer. Or go on a scavenger hunt or take part in activities at Natuurmonumenten's Oisterwijk visitor's centre. The numerous lakes date from the last ice age. Most were formed by the wind, hollowing out pools and blowing the sand into towering mounds around them. Rainwater then filled the hollows. You can see all kinds of birds on the water: grebes, cormorants, and ducks like the Common Pochard, tufted duck, and teal. Thanks to proper management by Natuurmonumenten, the Dutch Society for preservation of nature monuments, unique plants like shoreweed, swamp horseshoe, and rare ornamental algae now grow around the ponds. Hectares of Scots pine were planted at the end of the 19th century. The wood was used for mining and shipbuilding. Natuurmonumenten has turned what was a monotonous stretch of endless pine trees into a much more diverse forest. The pounding sound of woodpeckers at work is proof that their approach works. Dead wood and fallen trees are left where they lie. They create a breeding ground for mushrooms (fungi), ferns, and insects. They then, in turn, attract birds and small mammals. 

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