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Het Groene Woud National Landscape

Together, Breda, Eindhoven, Helmond, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, and Tilburg are BrabantCity. Het Groene Woud (The Green Forest) National Landscape is the green heart of this city network. The Green Forest encompasses a total of 35,000 hectares. The area has a 7,500-hectare central area that consists of forests, marshes, heath land, lakes, and rural poplar landscapes. The various well-known nature reserves are part of the national landscape. That includes the Oisterwijk forests, the Kampina, and the Mortelen. This diverse central area, combined with the valuable cultural and historical landscape that surrounds it, means Het Groene Woud offers an unrivalled mix of nature and culture. In 2004, the government listed Het Groene Woud as a National Landscape. It is distinguished by its green character, the small-scale openness and corresponding complex of streams, rolling fields, campsites, forests, and heath lands. In 2008, regional partners jointly created a development strategy for Het Groene Woud. They chose to emphasise a development-centred approach that centred around sustainability, market orientation, and strengthening the area's existing identity. 
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