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Bij Robèrt 

In Robèrt's bakery, housed in the edgy, industrial surroundings of a former leather factory in Oisterwijk, quality is the highest standard. Artisanal bread, pastries and chocolates: everything is as sustainable as possible and made from only the finest ingredients. 
Robèrt van Beckhoven was raised in the baking industry at his father and grandfather's bakery. Many years of experience, competition, and awards later, and he's now the only Dutch person who can boast both the Master Patissier and the Master Boulanger titles. Robèrt was born in Oisterwijk in 1961 and grew up in a bakery. His grandfather, Cees van Beckhoven, opened his Oisterwijk bakery in 1927. His oldest son, Jan, Robèrt's father, joined his brother to take over the business, where they spent years baking bread, cookies, and pastries in the traditional way. For Robèrt, helping out in the bakery meant washing and scrubbing and never touching the cakes. 
He didn't know then that he would be the one, of six children, who would take over the bakery. In fact, he never wanted to become a baker. But then the day came that the pastry chef was sick and Robèrt, just this one time, was allowed to make the fruit flans. He used fruits like kiwi - back then an unusual ingredient - and suddenly understood his father's and grandfather's passion. He decided to train as a baker and take over the family business. 

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